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Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are my most frequently asked questions.

Q. What’s new in v.2023?

Ans. v.2023 of my website package for the self-employed is the latest culmination of all previous versions of my website packages. It includes changes in relation to both design and SEO which we believe will benefit your website’s ranking on the Google search engine in addition to making the services you offer
more clear to website visitors in your local area.

Remember, Google updates it’s search algorithm up to 600 times a year so I generally release new versions of my website package each year which are based upon my experience of what works or doesn’t work in previous versions of our website packages. Each version of our website package should remain
relevant for at least three years and generally much longer.

Q. What makes me different to other website service providers in Ireland and the UK?

Ans. As my v.2023 website packages are ‘Websites with SEO’, any changes that are made to a website may impact on both the design, SEO and security of your new website. Therefore, I make the changes for you to vastly increase the chances of a good ranking on the Google search engine and ultimately appearing
in the first three spots on page one on Google!

As I am a managed website service aimed primarily at the self-employed in Ireland and the UK who have little knowledge of computers, the internet or SEO (i.e. getting on Google), I don’t provide log-in details for your website and we make all requested changes to text and photos on behalf of my self-employed
clients which they can send to me via email with their requested changes. This service is free in year one and covered by my annual renewal charge in future years.

Most other website service providers will design a website for you in, e.g. Wordpress, and you can then make changes and edits to you website yourself. If you believe you would be comfortable managing & editing your website (incl. SEO) yourself, I would recommend using their services instead of my unique managed
website service for the self-employed.

Q. What do I mean by ‘No Knowledge of Websites or Computers Required’?

Ans. I mean exactly that. Your new website is designed and set up for you from start-to-finish. You need absolutely no technical knowledge of computers at all. All you need to do is email me four photos (in landscape mode) of your service e.g. a photo of your work van etc. and I will then design a
FREE sample for you before you proceed to use my services. 

Q. What do I mean by start-to-finish?

Ans. I mean start-to-finish. I will design your website, social network pages and implement our SEO and upload your new website to the internet. I even register your domain name and host your new website for you. You require absolutely no technical knowledge at all. Everything in included in your website package deal so I won’t be asking for more fees after your website has been completed. And, I even explain the services you provide to your potential clients!

Q. What are the costs involved in making future changes to your new website?

Ans. There are no charges in relation to changing text and photos in year one. After year one there is an optional annual fee of €495 (incl. VAT) per annum which covers this service incl. renewal of your domain name, hosting and SSL Certificate. Now, you don’t incur high fees for making those changes
you require in future years!

Q. Can you edit the website yourself?

Ans. I make all the changes to text, information and photos on your website for you. Just email me what you wish to change and I will undergo to make the changes within 48 hours (Monday through Friday). There is no charge for this service in year one and is covered by our optional annual renewal fee in
following years. As my website packages for the self-employed are ‘Websites with SEO’, any changes that are made to a website may impact on both the design, SEO and security of your new website. Therefore, I make the changes for you to increase the chances of a good ranking on the Google search engine. 68% of my new business is referred to me from my existing clients, so it is in my interest to provide a leading after-care service.

Q. Is your new website designed for popular devices, operating systems and browsers?

Ans. Yes. Your new website will work on current popular smartphones, tablets and laptops. There are many different types of devices, operating systems and browsers and visitors can view your website on the most popular ones on the market today.

Q. What about Organic SEO - Will the Google Search Engine find your new website?

Ans. My SEO (v.2023) is one of the premier SEO services in Ireland today with proven results. Now, local people looking for your service in your area will find you on the Google search engine and it’s managed for you throughout the 1st year!

Please note: My v.2023 website design process and organic SEO is how I hope to save our self-employed clients money in the medium term by increasing their chances of a high ranking on the Google search engine in their service area. Therefore I will not add any third-party scripts to your website e.g. facebook or google tracking scripts etc.

Q. What about Social Networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business and YouTube?

Ans. Yes, I also set-up and design your new Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business and YouTube business pages. However, your business facebook page must be linked to a persoanl account and I will advise how to set this up on your side.

Q. What about accepting payments online through your website?

Ans. I will add a link to your payment providers checkout page. However, as I am a low cost service and due to increasing EU regulations for payment systems, you will have to choose, set-up and manage your payment system yourself.

Q. Do you have to call up to me in Dublin or do I come down to you?

Ans. Neither. I do it all for you over the phone and by email. You don't need to leave your house to book a flight, buy a book or open a bank account, so why should you need to leave your house to have a real website and it also allows us to offer the best value in Ireland and the UK today. This also allows me to work with the self-employed all over Ireland and the UK.

Q. Is there an annual renewal fee and how much is it?

Ans. There is and it is optional. The annual renewal fee of €345 (incl. VAT) covers Domain Name Renewal, 12 Months Hosting, SSL Certificate and changes to information, text and photos. If you do not wish to continue using our services after one year or wish to change to another service provider, I will help with the transfer process for free. 

To put this annual renewal fee into perspective, if you own a Wordpress website, the annual renewal fee is c. €300 per annum and you must manage your website all by yourself, so if any issues occur, you would either need to learn how to resolve them yourself or hire a developer to solve them for you. This is why my unique managed service for the self-employed is such great value.

Q. Do you own your website and can you switch to another service provider at a future date?

Ans. Yes. The website is registered in your name and address. If you ever wish to move service provider, don't worry, I will help with the transfer for free! I fully understand that a client may outgrow my low cost service and you can always come back to me if it doesn't work out with your new provider. However, the website design & code cannot be transferred over, that is, just the domain name is transferred over to the new service provider.
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